Monday, November 15


We were fortunate enough to leave the house for like 8 whole hours on Saturday. (With that, you’d think The Boy and I had kids, but no, we don’t even have dogs.) Since coming out to LA, we’ve become accustomed to playing Scrabble for entertainment [read: saving money] while we develop those burgeoning careers.

But The Boy’s aunt and uncle have escaped Chicago (and the adorable kid they’re usually attached to) for a week at their lovely timeshare in Palm Springs. And since they’re awesome, they invited us to dinner.

They have the sweetest, most easy-going baby in the world. And after some wine was consumed, they told us some very loud stories about Baby Montgomery.

It turns out that Monty will often just hang out in his stand-up-baby-bouncer-walker thing in utter joy and amazement at the things he can do by himself. One night his parents were otherwise occupied for ten minutes, and when his father came to inspect happy Monty, he found him COVERED IN POOP. All kids find their places to go, and the stand-up-baby-bouncer-walker thing doubles as his toilet.

This is how no-fuss he is. Montgomery will just hang out in his stand-up-baby-bouncer-walker thing forever whilst he covers himself in poop, without so much as yelping for the attention of mom or dad. What an awesome kid.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's an odd life, that of a parent, when "awesome kid" = covered in poop.

-- Maxwell

November 16, 2004 at 2:01 PM  

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