Thursday, January 13

She Returns

I’m thirteen days late to do a New Year’s post, so suffice it to say that I hope you are all happy and well.

Since I disappeared exactly one month ago, the following things (and more) have happened. Please feel free to leave me the play-by-play of your own weeks past.

Prepare ye: there are stories to come.


▪ the job I was desperate enough to take and subsequently resign in the space of five weeks

▪ the still-not-funny-enough-to-write-about car accident I had on lunch break of aforementioned job on the sunny Thursday before the New Year

▪ the colorful mélange of family that assembled in Stillwater, OK this Christmas
(Seriously, it was fun.)

Coming Soon...


Blogger PPQ said...

Bugger...well's hoping that 2005 brings you tons of good stuff.

Happy new year.

January 14, 2005 at 5:19 PM  

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